Miniature Dental Implants

Miniature Dental Implants » miniature dental implants

Dental implant is a device that is inserted in the jawbone with a surgical procedure which allows formation of a direct interface between the implant and bone, a process called “Osteointegration”. Although, advancements in implant surface treatment and demand for using implants in thin alveolar ridges and medically compromised patients has led to trending towards implants with smaller diameters which will allow less invasive surgical approach.

For years,  mini-implants were used by dentists for improving retention of dentures but their design limitations restricted their use for further clinical applications.

This new implant system has overcome the technical challenges in restoring narrow diameter implants with fixed screw retained restoration. They offer the advantages that mini-implants offer for their minimally invasive placement and restorative standards of conventional implants combined.

Miniature dental implant is a one-piece form implant which eliminate the micro-gap between the implant and abutment components and potential micro-leakage and micro-pumping effect of abutments reducing the risk of peri-implantitis and implant failure.

The implants are made of titanium grade 5 (Ti6Al4V-Eli) and the surface is acid etch treated to facilitate an accelerated osseointegration process.

All Miniature implants comply for clinical use with Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and European CE (Conformité Européenne) regulatory standard compliance.

Why Miniature Implants?

The standard implants have diameters ranging from 3.5 mm to 6mm and their insertion will require a surgical procedure to expose the jawbone followed by sequential drilling of the bone. In many situations, dentists face thin alveolar ridges which may not allow adequate bone drilling to place conventional implants unless additional bone grafting procedures are considered which can introduce more risk of complications and disappointment.

These complex cases highlight the significant role that Miniature Implants play in helping dentists and their patients by offering a simple, easy and reliable option to achieve better results with significantly fewer risks and complications.

They are self-advancing narrow implants that can be inserted in the bone using a minimally invasive technique with minimal or no bone drilling which makes their insertion considerably less traumatic to the patient, without needing extensive bone grafting and extensive surgical procedures. The patients will recover much faster, with less post-operative pain and lesser risk of surgical complications.

Miniature implants are dental implants in three different diameters of 2 mm, 2.4mm and 2.8 mm with a tapered form that allows self-advancement in thin bone ridges.

The length range of the implants varies for different diameters as per the following table:

Miniature Dental Implants » miniature dental implants
Miniature Implants 2.4 mm Diameter
Width / Length 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 14 mm
2 mm
2 x 12
2 x 14
2.4 mm
2.4 x 10
2.4 x 12
2.4 x 14
2.8 mm
2.8 x 8
2.8 x 10
2.8 x 12
2.8 x 14

Form and Design

Miniature implants are made of titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V-ELI) like most of the other standard dental implants. The major differences of miniature implants in comparison to standard implants are their diameter and design.

The implants are made in one-piece form unlike the conventional dental implants.

Their one-piece form eliminates the chance of microleakage between implant and abutment components which can minimise the risk of bone loss around the implants in long term, meaning more stable and healthier tissue around implants.

The collar of the implant is a 2.5mm polished surface which transitions to a one mm rough acid etched surface and a one mm micro-threaded surface. These features offer significant flexibility to the clinician to decide how subcrestal the implant to be inserted.

The design allows the dentist to decide the optimal polished collar of the implant be above the crestal bone depending on the thickness of the soft tissue. These features not only provide flexibility to the clinician but also facilitate achieving ideal primary stability for the implants.

Miniature Dental Implants » miniature dental implants
Miniature Implants 2.8 mm Diameter


Miniature implant system offers the minimally invasive surgical benefits of the mini dental implants plus the preferred restorative options of standard implants.

The Miniature Implant system is a welcoming improvement to the current full arch implants treatment options. It helps the patients and dentists to benefit from a low cost, efficient and less invasive implant treatment option.

Although, Miniature Implants can be used in combination with other conventional implant systems if required. Their flexible restoration options allow dentists to have more freedom in their treatment planning and management of difficult situations.

Indications of Use

Miniature Implants can be used for full arch and partial arch restorations that require splinted prosthesis which can range from full arch fixed restorations, bridgeworks to even joined crowns. Although the current design is not specified for single tooth replacements.

Miniature Dental Implants » miniature dental implants
Miniature Implants 2mm Diameter

Miniature implants can also be used in combination with other conventional implant systems.  This will add a significant range of options to your full arch treatment plans.

The narrow diameter of the implants and self-advancing advantage allows their insertion in any alveolar ridge with minimum of 4 mm width.

Their use in full arch rehabilitation is a cost effective and conservative treatment for the patient with optimum simplicity, significantly reduced surgical time, and minimal complexity for dentists.


The patented Miniature Implant system was invented and developed by Dr Omid Allan who holds over 25 years’ experience in dentistry and oral implantology. Dr Allan holds an MSc degree (Master of Science) in Aesthetic Dentistry from King’s college of London and also an MSc degree in Oral Implantology from Frankfurt Goethe University.

Dr Omid Allan developed the Miniature Implant system and founded Biominiatures Pty Ltd with a vision to simplify the implant treatments available for dentists, extending to a wider range of patients and minimising the surgical limitations and risks to patients.

Miniature Dental Implants » miniature dental implants

Biominiature's Founder

Dr Omid Allan

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